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Tork® Universal Quality Matic® Hand Towel Roll

Tork® Universal Quality Matic® Hand Towel Roll

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Medium Waxed Interfolded Deli Sheet - 10 x 10 3/4

Available in various sizes.


San Jamar® Mani-Kare™ Value Pack Bandages

Includes 2 boxes of MK0901, 1 box of MK0902, 1 box of MK0903, 1 box of MK0904, 1 box of MK0905. Latex-free. Flexible and breathable.

Anchor Culinary Classics™ 3 Cmpt Clamshell - 26/7/7 oz.

Microwavable black hinged clamshells with clear vented lid available in various sizes. Hinged clamshells are microwavable, crack-resistant polypropylene base and lid can be heated up to 220 degrees F.

Anchor Miler® All Purpose Cling Film - 18" x 5280'

All purpose cling film. Used in conjunction with Anchor Miler® dispenser for restaurants and institutions.

Paterson White Semi Crepe Beverage Napkin - 9" x 9"


Pitt High Density Flat Pack - 40 x 48, 16 mic, Natural

Our High Density Can Liners provide a unique blend of first grade high molecular weight High Density Polyethylene and LLDPE resins. They are puncture resistant, possess impressive film strength and perform under temperature extremes of -40°F to 212°F. High Density liners are USDA and FDA approved for food use. The high molecular weight of the High Density Polyethylene resin allows us to produce can liners that are approximately one half the weight of traditional can liners with the same capacity. This use of fewer raw materials is ecologically sound and helps contribute to overall source reduction by returning less plastic to our environment.

Pitt Eco Strong™ Coreless Liner - 40 x 46, 1.5 mil

If you're looking for a reasonably priced, environmentally responsible product, then Eco Strong™ can liners are the answer. These liners are formulated from our own recycled virgin resin and high quality post-consumer resin. Manufactured with up to 70% recycled content. This means they meet the EPA's Procurement Guidelines and can be used to earn LEED credit. Black.

Champion Sun Brite Bleach - Gal.

All purpose bleach. Whitener, brightener, stain remover. Contains 5.25% sodium hypochlorite.